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Financial Modeling Case Study



A real estate brokerage firm was in the process of launching new offices throughout New York City. The managing brokers wanted to make sure they would be able to accurately track the performance of each office independently as well as see the company’s financial performance as a whole.



SMG identified the company was using excel spreadsheets to track all agents’ activity and deal sheets. The production of the excel reports caused delays in sharing business & financial data amongst the company. Additionally, it was discovered that an accounting program was underutilized by only processing checks and recording deposits.



SMG Consulting Group upgraded the company’s accounting system to a cloud based platform. The chart of accounts, sales agents, and new office locations were setup to be accurately tracked based upon the information that the excel reports were producing. With the new system, the managing brokers can now see the gross profit margins of each deal, the performance of each new office, and the performance of the company as a whole. More importantly, the agents can enter deal information remotely and the managing brokers can observe financial activity via their mobile device in real time.

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