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In 2001, I made a decision to become an entrepreneur when it wasn't as popular as it is today. With my people skills, a degree in Pre-Law and a Master in Accounting & Financial Management, I launched SMG Consulting Group a full service business & financial consulting firm.

Through the company, I have helped people with bringing clarity to their business & financial visions, educated about financial literacy, tax planning & preparation, and helped many with starting, managing, and growing businesses.

My entrepreneurial and life path took this kid from the Bronx NY on a meaningful journey. I have been blessed by having both personal friends and worked with clients that are high end achievers. This exposed me to some insightful life perspectives and experiences, along with my own, that has been embedded within my business practices.

SMG Consulting Group and its team mission is to perform quality & informative business & financial services to our clients that ultimately contributes to economic empowerment, which leads to financial freedom.

Gary Stephens, Jr.
Managing Partner


Tomeka Lee Headshot.jpg

Tomeka Lee
Partner - Trizen, LLC

“We have worked with Gary for over 10 years. His expertise, advice, and humor has been critical to the growth of our business and our financial success. With his attention to detail & knowledge of our unique needs, Gary has been an instrumental partner in our journey to success and prosperity.”

Shawn-Vardi Pic.png

Shawn Vardi
COO - Think Hotel Group

"Gary and his company provided my companies with the tools and resources to grow from a start-up to a $100 million dollar hotel company within 5 years."

Juan Pic.png

Juan Perez
President - Roc Nation Sports

"Gary's business advice and leadership of starting a recording studio (Baseline Studios) turned out to be an epic springboard into my sports & entertainment career."

Steve Pic.jpg

Stephen A. Smith
Sports TV Personality

"Gary is one of my trusted ears and voices. People like Gary are important in today’s society because individuals, business owners, & athletes can benefit from his business & financial knowledge because it keeps us informed and empowers others."

JDW - Headshot (2020) (002).png

Jocelyn D. Wright
Managing Partner
PF Wealth Management

“Gary has an impeccable attention to detail, a straightforward approach to communication, and the unique ability to convey concepts in a manner that perfectly aligns with your level of understanding along with a witty sense of humor. His expertise and personable nature make the experience of working with him both informative and enjoyable.”


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