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Ultimate Consulting Package Case Study



The client recently lost his employment and decided to start a consulting firm with the intentions of monetizing his professional experience. The owner acquired some new clients from a few referrals but was having trouble with determining the correct billing structure, how to obtain new clients, and just the overall process of running a business. The owner has a strong desire to operate a successful consulting firm and reached out to SMG to grow the business.



A review of the client’s contracted work and billable service fees were conducted. SMG analysis discovered the client’s fee was -47% less than the rate required to be sustainable and profitable. Despite retaining a few clients, the owner had no sales & marketing plan to acquire new clients. More importantly, the client did not have any structure in place to efficiently attract new clients, service the clients efficiently, and measure the company’s performance.


SMG recommend its Ultimate Consulting Package in which provides a business/strategic plan, sales & marketing training, and the selection of Software as a Solution. SMG worked with the client to bring clarity to the business vision and developed a customized plan with integrated cost-effective software solutions to effectively service the clients, measure the sales & marketing efforts, and accurately track the company’s financial performance. As a result of SMG’s Ultimate Consulting Package, the client’s company revenue increased by 144% within a 12 month span.

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