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SMG Consulting Group Start-Up Business Package is a turn-key solution to help with starting a service-based business and/or help develop a solid business infrastructure.

The Start-Up Business Package provides the tools to build a solid business foundation in which increases your odds of being a successful entrepreneur and generating an additional revenue stream. The Start-Up Business Package can include customized company action plans, marketing plans, and one-on-one consulting to establish a structure tailored to the participants’ to launch their business.

Start-Up Business Package includes:

• Personalized Financial Plan

• Customized Business/Strategic Plan

• Sales & Marketing Plan

• Business Financial Plans

• One on One Training

Benefits of the Start-Up Business Package

• Reduce the launch time of a start-up business

• Minimize common start-up mistakes

• One on One Mentorship

• Customized Plans

• Solid Business Infrastructure

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