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Organizational Structure Case Study



A non-profit providing after-school programs with annual revenue of $3 Million Dollars needed help with their entire operations. The organization was facing difficulty of collecting enrollment fees. It was imperative to resolve the enrollment fee issue since the organization had 2 years remaining on a non-renewable 5 year Federal grant. Additionally, the management team and Board continuously miscommunicated on key organizational matters.




Upon meeting with the client and performing an assessment of their operations, the company was given a Position 1 rating – Weak Strategy – Weak Operations under the SMG rating system. The company had no system in place to track any of the enrollments. In fact, enrollments were being tracked by one staff member in a notebook. The company was comfortable with the grant funds and neglected the importance of the enrollment revenue stream, which will eventually become the main revenue source in a couple of years. The Board was disconnected because they relied on the management team to provide updates, which was only once a year and limited data was shared.


SMG Consulting Group implemented a financial reporting system allowing all customers to be recorded and enrollment fees tracked. Additionally, SMG developed internal policies and financial & business protocols as well as introduced fund raising strategies and practices. Third-party software was introduced to measure the performance of the organization efforts. The Board and management team agreed to meet on a quarterly basis and the Board were assigned tasks to help with fund raising efforts. The enrollment fees increased by 78% upon the institution of the financial system.

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